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Chessboard Europe - The battle of the Gods

  • Product Code: 0001021
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  • 250.00€
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Mythology Chessboard from alabaster. The dashboard is mosaic processed and depicts Europe. Europe was very beautiful. One day while she was picking flowers with her friends in a field on the beach of Phenicia, Zeus saw her and was dazzled by her beauty. To approach her he transformed into a white bull. Europe, seeing the quiet bull, went to him, caressed him a little and, after making sure that he was not wild, sat on his back. This is what Zeus was waiting for, so immediately, as fast as lightning, he fell into the sea so that Europe would not have time to descend. From Phenicia the bull-Zeus swam to Crete, where he went to Gortyna. There, after revealing to Europe who she was, he made her the mother of three boys. The board is based on 4 Ionic rhythm columns that give a three-dimensional image of the battle of the gods that is expected to take place.

  • Chessboard Dimensions: 46M x 46W x 6.5Hcm.
  • Dimensions of square positions: 5 x 5 cm.
  • Set weight: 8 kg.
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