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Minoan helmets with decorative ax

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Ceramic handmade White Lycithos. It appears in the Attic period around 560 BC. Dimitris Stathopoulos, famous and specialized creator of this ceramic vase, followed the traditional way of making the ancient Greeks and this is something that makes the vase stand out as it is baked at 900 ° until its crystallization, something that makes it ready for use. The traditional way followed by the ancient Greeks was the beginning with the painting with the pencil, followed the ancient Greek glaze with a special diluted clay and then the painting. Finally, the pot was baked at a high temperature in the oven, which gave a shiny look to its final form and made it ready for use. The original is in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Dimensions: 11M x 11W x 33cm

 This vase is authentic, exact copy of the original in a very limited number.
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